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QuikSteel is a handy putty that can be molded into any shape, squeezed into a gap or hole, and it literally hardens like steel. QuikSteel is a revolutionary product that has already found thousands of uses in overseas markets. It will mend just about anything that is made from metal, fibreglass, plastic, glass wood, ceramics or brick.

QUIKSTEEL This QuikSteel Epoxy putty with stands up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, sets i..

QUIKSTEEL The white reinforced epoxy putty has a large variety of uses. The product sets in 5 minu..

QUIKSTEEL QuikSteel epoxy putty withstands up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, sets in 5 minutes, is ste..

QUIKSTEEL QuikSteel plastic repair tank repair kit gives you everything you need to repair plastic..

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