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  • Brand: PROJECTA
  • Product Code: IC2500
  • Availability: Low Stock
PROJECTA A highly advanced automatic charger for those serious about portable power, the IC2500 can be set to suit the batterys chemistry type and features adjustable charge rate to perfectly match the size of your batteries.

  • Set the charging profile to suit battery chemistry type: Wet, Calcium, AGM or Gel.
  • Adjustable for different battery sizes & includes 1.8m temperature compensation probe for precise charging.
  • Maintains a constant voltage on a battery making it ideal for vehicle diagnostics.
  • Allows charger to be mounted out of sight yet retain total control, includes 4.5m lead.
  • Durable construction and safer charging with spark free and polarity protected connection.
Inner Carton Qty: 2
Outer Carton Qty: 4
Barcode: 9315219925008