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  • Brand: RAIN-X
  • Product Code: 64 620116
  • Availability: Low Stock
Rain-X Heavy Duty Car Wash is a dual action pre-wash treatment and car wash concentrate that can be used for any level of wash. Use the formula by itself to spot treat the toughest dirt or mix it with water for a full vehicle wash. The concentrate is specifically formulated to loosen and release dirt while conditioning the vehicles surface for a long-lasting glossy shine.

  • Multi-Purpose: Use as a pre-wash spot treatment and a car wash concentrate.
  • Saves Effort: Releases the toughest, caked on dirt without heavy scrubbing.
  • Saves Time: No need for other pre-wash products or multiple washes.
  • Safe for All Surfaces: Wont scratch or damage finishes.
Outer Carton Qty: 4
Barcode: 079118201166