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  • Brand: TEE-KAY
  • Product Code: 69 TKTEST
  • Availability: In Stock
The Tee-Kay head check combustion leak detector is designed to check combustion gases in the cooling system. It works by analysing the air within the 'air cushion' above the radiator coolant level. When CO2 gas is detected in petrol engines, the blue fluid will turn yellow, or green in diesel engines. Some combustion leaks come and go and may occur at different engine temperatures. If a leak is suspected but is not indicated by a routine Head Chek test, then it is advisable to check full temperature range from a cold start to normal operating temperatures and by lugging the engine. If internal combustion leakage occurs during the Head Check test, combustions gases will be forced into the cooling system and will cause the test fluid to change from blue-green to yellow when radiator air is drawn through the test unit.

  • Designed to check combustion gases in the cooling system.
  • Suitable for petrol, diesel and LPG engines.
  • Replacement fluid available. (P/NO 69 TKFLUID500).
  • Some leaks will occur only under certain conditions and the Head Chek test must be made under the same conditions to detect the leak.
  • Detects combustion leaks in seconds.

Barcode: 9414055190011