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  • Brand: PROJECTA
  • Product Code: IS1500
  • Availability: In Stock
PROJECTA The ideal unit for roadside service vehicles, this powerful and compact lithium jumpstarter is capable of starting engines up to 6.0L diesel and 8.0L petrol.

  • Leave the jumpstarter connected to the vehicle for 40 seconds after the vehicle starts to charge to 100% of the original charge status (under normal conditions with a fully functioning alternator).
  • Unparalleled safety with a simple to use connection protecting the user, vehicle and jumpstarter.
  • The compact and lightweight IS1500 is more than 75% lighter that the equivalent lead acid jumpstarter. This allows the unit to sit on the engine while in use.
  • Monitor the jumpstarters charge level and display jumpstart status from the easy to read LED indicators and battery status button.
  • Allows the jumpstarter to be on charge during storage. This balances the battery resulting in 1020% longer battery life.

Outer Carton Qty: 2
Barcode: 9315219151513